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How To Run Your Own Poker Tournaments

As many online poker players have discovered, the vast majority of online poker tournaments are run by affiliates of the well known sites. Most of these sites will actually require you to pay some money before they run your tournament. This is often done so that they can recoup some of their money that they put into running these tournaments.

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The basic principle behind this is simple. While they want to promote and advertise their sites in as many ways as possible, the reality is that the affiliate marketers are not quite able to recover their costs and their own work on these tournaments.

Because these sites have larger advertising budgets they simply cannot afford to just give away as much advertising as their competitors do and this has allowed those large internet sites to dominate the field and dominate the community. So, for a lot of poker sites the only way they can guarantee that they get enough people joining their sites is to run their own tournaments.

One way they can guarantee extra money is by actually paying a fee to each site that organizes the tournament. They will typically give an amount of money to the site that organizes the tournament and there is a good chance that this fee will be payable every time the tournament is run.

For a poker player who runs their own internet site this can be a big problem because they then become the one that has to pay for the fees of all the internet sites and all the other sites that they are marketing. But there is a way around this is by becoming a member of an affiliate network.

An affiliate network is a collection of companies that have agreements with many of the internet sites that offer poker tournaments. Once a certain percentage of the tournament entries have been collected from one of these internet sites an affiliate earns a percentage of the fees collected by the company.

So, if the poker player decides to join a network that has many other poker sites in it then they are assured that they will earn a percentage of the money that is collected by the company that runs the tournament. All the poker site needs to do is let them know about the poker tournament and they can earn a commission on the fees collected.